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Fido Group of companies is designed and developed to serve the real world through the advancement of technology and digital presence. Fido Group is a forward-thinking firm dedicated to improving trade efficiency and transparency in financial markets. It is backed by a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring quality and security. We focus on a variety of elements, such as technology, education support, and information to assist our clients in making informed decisions. The Fido Group of companies offers Trading courses, a global trading platform with a strong market presence, and FidoMeta, which focuses on virtual reality business fusion. Fido Group serves as a parent company, overseeing and implementing the best methods for each firm’s success. It is a one-stop destination to learn, grow and become.

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Fido Markets

The Fido Markets is the gateway to reach the global financial market. Fido Markets is a leader in customized technology and personalized services that are geared to fit the needs of traders at all levels.


FidoMeta is a pioneer project that aims to provide services in the Metaverse space. It takes a step forward in the business by creating a one-of-a-kind crypto addition. All products and projects are developed to serve the real-world community.

Fido Academy

Fido Academy provides trading courses for beginners and advanced learners. It is without a doubt the greatest training centre. The academy provides tailor-made courses based on the requirement of the learner.



The Fido Group of companies is a leader in the industry and is backed by a team of professionals. It is trusted by 100,000 + clients around the world. Our expert professionals have over fifteen years of experience in the business. Effective risk management, fundamentals, and technical strategies come from a place of vast knowledge and experience. Our tailored instruction, advanced analytics, and round-the-clock assistance have propelled us to the top of the list. The Fido Group is one of the most prestigious groups that envisions creating an enduring space for the betterment of the real-world community.

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